I detail the ten best cocktail bars in Wolverhampton, from American themed bars to hidden gems, cocktail masterclasses and more!

The 10 Best Cocktail Bars In Wolverhampton – Reviewed By A Local

Looking for a good cocktail bar in Wolverhampton? Then read on!

I am and have been a Wolverhampton local for most of my life, so I can very much vouch that it is a fantastic city for nightlife and it has a lot of great cocktail bars to choose from.

As a Wolverhampton native I have a lot of experience with spending good nights out in the city and have visited the best cocktail bars it has to offer.

So I’ve put together this blog post in which I detail what are my top ten best cocktail bars in Wolverhampton, why you should visit the city, where to stay and more.

Top Ten Cocktail Bars in Wolverhampton

So without further ado, let’s take a look at what are the top ten cocktail bars in Wolverhampton:

1. Bunk

Bunk brands itself as ‘the home of cocktails‘ and it specialises in a whole range of cocktails. So if you’re looking for a real, authentic cocktail bar in Wolverhampton then this should be at the top of your list.

Bunk is a fairly new bar in Wolverhampton, having only opened in August 2022. I’ve visited here a few times and in my opinion it’s easily the trendiest bar in the city.

It’s an awesome place with really cool interior décor that is full of neon signs and American style seating.

Bunk’s menu features ‘Premium Cocktails‘ that has nine fantastic drinks and it’s regular cocktail menu, where you have 15 options to choose from at a cheaper price.

The bar also has an American influenced food menu consisting of chicken wings, chicken burgers, hot dogs, several fries options, a wide array of sauces and vegan options too.

Overall, I found Bunk to be a very cool place, I loved the interior and the American style vibes. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a cocktail bar in Wolverhampton, it definitely has the best variety of cocktails in the city.

2. The Parisian

Another popular cocktail bar in Wolverhampton is The Parisian, located just opposite Queen Square in the centre of the city.

The Parisian is a lovely French themed cocktail bar which looks rather swanky with a plush walled interior that is themed with genuine French furniture, transporting you from Wolverhampton to Paris!

Their flamboyant cocktails have a French twist to them and the bar offers 2-4-1 prices on selected cocktails.

The Parisian also has live musical acts every Thursday as well as a quiz and a chance to win prizes.

I’ve frequented The Parisian on several occasions and have always liked it – one of the best places in the city for sure. I love it’s pretty décor – both the interior and exterior too.

3. Lupo Lounge

Lupo Lounge is another fairly new establishment in Wolverhampton, having only recently opened in April 2021. It’s a very stylish place that is situated in the heart of the city in Dudley street, the main shopping high street.

The bar features two large floors that are filled with classical artwork, colourful lampshades and comfy sofas. It’s a perfect place to relax after a busy shopping spree in Wolverhampton’s shopping centre; the Mander Centre.

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    The staff are really friendly and the music played here creates a chilled vibe. As well as specialising in cocktails, Lupo Lounge also offers a fantastic all day food menu that is diverse and of a high quality.

    They also have a vegan menu available and it may surprise visitors to the city just how many vegetarian focused restaurants there are in Wolverhampton.

    There are some great food items on Lupo Lounge’s menu and there are often deals on. I visit Lupo Lounge at least once a month and it is probably my favourite bar in the city – it’s so relaxed and has a great atmosphere!

    4. Slug and Lettuce

    Slug and Lettuce is a well known chain of cocktail bars which you can find in most major UK cities. It prides itself for having the most boujee cocktails and is a good choice if this is what you’re looking for when in Wolverhampton.

    The bar has a wide choice of classic cocktails, 2-4-1 offers and also has a ‘bottomless brunch‘ offer where you can enjoy 2 hours of unlimited drinks alongside a dish from their brunch menu.

    It’s a smart looking bar with a contemporary interior, a pretty flowery décor and plenty of seating available.

    5. The Grain Store

    Hidden away on King Street, which is a quiet backstreet in the city centre of Wolverhampton, is The Grain Store.

    Although officially a gin emporium, the Grain Store has a very good cocktail menu (2-4-1 all day offers here too) as well as a food menu too. It is located in a really unique, garden patio style environment and also has a terrace as well.

    It’s a colourful, lively place with lots of events such as live music especially on weekends, with DJ’s playing tunes there until the early hours.

    I like how hidden away the Grain Store is, it feels like a secret bar that only those in the know are aware of – definitely worth a visit!

    6. The Bohemian

    If you’re looking to participate in a cocktail masterclass when visiting Wolverhampton, then look no further than The Bohemian.

    This lively, industrial styled club offers a special Tiki cocktail masterclass where skilled mixologists teach you how to make the perfect cocktail, and you also get to sample your creations as well.

    The Bohemian offers three different masterclass packages, costing from £30 to £35 and £40. All three different options include the cocktail tuition, a group photo and a choice of three different cocktails to try.

    This is a fantastic opportunity to learn how to make cocktails while visiting Wolverhampton and is a fun experience in a cool setting.

    7. The Royal London

    One of the most popular bars in all of Wolverhampton is the Royal London, which is situated in the Royal London building which features Edwardian baroque architecture.

    The Royal London is a student friendly bar that features several large TV screens, showing all the big sporting events, as well as retro games and several pool tables too.

    Student quiz nights are a big deal here, and as well as your classic cocktails the bar also specialises in real ales and unique IPA drinks too.

    8. The Hogs head

    Just opposite the Royal London is another very popular bar in Wolverhampton; the Hogs Head.

    This is one of the busiest pubs in the whole city and is always packed with locals on Friday nights and at weekends.

    Here you can find all your typical cocktails that you may desire along with a range of ales, both local and international. The pub has a lovely open air garden area too, with seating and heaters to keep you warm.

    This is arguably the best sports bar in the city, with several big TV screens showing all the big sporting events throughout the year.

    I’ve frequented the Hogs Head more times than I can remember and in my experience it has the best atmosphere in the whole city.

    9. The Giffard Arms

    One of the most quirky and popular bars in all of Wolverhampton is undoubtedly the Giffard Arms.

    This is a gothic themed pub that is based in a historical old building dating back to 1922 that is believed to be haunted.

    As a result, the pub features coffin shaped tables and has a Game of Thrones styled throne seat as you walk in to the establishment.

    The Giffard has two floors and DJs play goth and rock classics every weekend until the early hours. You can purchase all your usual cocktail drinks here and it’s a lively, fun place with a great atmosphere.

    Again, this is another place I’ve visited countless times – it’s always a fun time at the Giffard with a great atmosphere, especially on weekends.

    10. North Street Social

    And finally we have North Street Social, a fairly new bar that only opened in February of 2023.

    It’s located very close to The Halls music concert venues, which makes it popular with gig goers before a big concert that happens regularly.

    Unsurprisingly, North Street Social has a lot of live music events and is famous for it’s beer pong tournaments too!

    You can order all your typical cocktail drinks here and it’s the perfect place to visit before going on to experience a live concert at the Halls.

    Why Visit Wolverhampton?

    Wolverhampton may not be the most obvious tourist destination when visiting the UK, but it does have a lot going for it and it is worth visiting.

    Despite having a reputation for being somewhat rundown (the city has undoubtedly struggled economically over the past couple of decades), there are several places worth visiting and things to do in the city.

    From watching a Premiere League game at the Molineux, going to see a performance at the Grand Theatre or seeing an exhibition at Wolverhampton Art Gallery, there are some cultural highlights to see.

    As a local, it is in my opinion a great alternative to Birmingham which many people believe to be overrated.

    So let’s see what some of the best things to do in Wolverhampton are:

    Live Music in Wolverhampton

    Wolverhampton is also known as having a thriving music scene, with the city having a rich heritage for producing musical talent over the decades.

    The number one venue in Wolverhampton to see live music is The Halls (formerly known as the Civic Hall), which has recently undergone a huge renovation that cost £48 million.

    It is a world class concert venue that attracts some of the best musical and comedy acts from not just the UK but from around the world as well.

    Black Country Living Museum

    There are some fascinating historical sites in and around Wolverhampton, such as Bantock House Museum, an Edwardian building with beautiful gardens to explore.

    The Black Country Living Museum is definitely worth visiting too, which is based just down the road from Wolverhampton, in Dudley.

    This is a fascinating open air museum with rebuilt historical buildings that recreate what life was really like during the industrial revolution in England.

    Here you can meet costumed characters from this era, from metalworkers, miners, nurses and teachers who will explain to you what life was like back in the Victorian era.

    There are over 80 shops to explore, as well as homes and industrial workshops. You can try some classic fish and chips and a few beers from this era too.

    This Black Country Living Museum was actually used to film several scenes for the hit TV series: ‘Peaky Blinders‘, so it’s worth visiting if you’re a fan.

    And if you’re wondering what the Black Country is, it refers to a region in the West Midlands that became famous because of black smog that was produced in the Victorian times from coalmines and metalworkers.

    Wolverhampton FAQs

    Still not sure about visiting Wolverhampton? Let’s answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the city:

    Is Wolverhampton safe to visit?

    Yes, Wolverhampton is safe to visit for tourists and is considered a relative safe city. It does have a high crime rate in the West Midlands region, but compared to other UK cities crime is quite moderate.

    For example, nearby Wolverhampton you have the market town of West Bromwich, which is considered more dangerous.

    Despite crime being an occurrence in Wolverhampton, you shouldn’t let this deter you. Just be vigilant and aware of your possessions, as you would any other destination you may be travelling too.

    Does Wolverhampton have a better nightlife than Birmingham?

    Ask most people from the Midlands, and they will tell you that Birmingham has a much better nightlife than Wolverhampton.

    And in my experience I would agree; Birmingham is a livelier, busier and a bigger city than Wolverhampton.

    It has a huge range of choice when it comes to top quality high end bars, restaurants and clubs and interesting trendy neighbourhoods such as Digbeth.

    But Birmingham city centre can be lacking in authenticity and is a very busy place during the evenings, especially on weekends. For a much more authentic Black Country experience then choose Wolverhampton.

    You’re likely to meet some genuine locals and visit more traditional, historical pubs as opposed to modern chain restaurants and pubs you typically find in Birmingham.

    Some of the most historical pubs worth checking out in Wolverhampton are: The Posada, a Victorian pub that opened in 1894, The Lych Gate Tavern (which dates back to the 1500’s) and The Giffard Arms which was built in the 1700’s.

    Wolverhampton is a much quieter city compared to the hustle and bustle of Birmingham, making for a more pleasant experience overall.

    And a night out in Wolverhampton is one of the cheapest you will have compared to any other UK city, with a surprising amount of top quality food spots that are considerably cheaper than expensive Birmingham.

    Is Wolverhampton nice to visit?

    First impressions can be deceiving, and upon visiting Wolverhampton for the first time, you may get the impression that it’s not all that nice to visit.

    Yes, the city has experienced a downturn in recent years, with a lot of shops in the city centre having closed. There are also homeless people in the city too, though that is the same in any city in the UK.

    Despite it’s bad reputation and seemingly unattractive appearance, the people of Wolverhampton are super friendly. And it’s a city full of rich history and architecture.

    There’s plenty of activities to do and things to see, and as stated already in this post, it is a great night out and a much cheaper alternative to the likes of Birmingham.

    Conclusion: Best Cocktail Bars In Wolverhampton

    So those are the ten best cocktail bars in Wolverhampton, from the trendy Bunk with it’s extensive list of premium cocktails, to the awesome Grain Store hidden away in the city centre, there is lots to choose from.

    I love a good night out in Wolverhampton – there are numerous sports bars to visit like the Hog’s Head to historical pubs like the fantastic Lych Gate Tavern.

    Whatever you’re looking for, there’s every type of bar in this city that has a good friendly atmosphere. In Wolverhampton you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to cocktail bars, so get ready for a fun night out!

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