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Is A Day Trip To Liechtenstein Worth It? A Travel Expert’s Review

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Read on to find out if a day trip to Liechtenstein is worth it or not!

Liechtenstein is one of the most hidden gem countries you can ever go and visit; it’s such a small country that you can see what is has to offer on a day trip, either from Austria, Switzerland or Germany.

I did exactly that a few years ago, so I’m the perfect traveller blogger to give you all the insider tips on what to do there in a day.

It’s a country full of stunning landscapes, with beautiful hiking routes to explore and historical castles to discover – in my opinion it is a hugely underrated European tourist destination.

I’ve put together this post detailing my experience of visiting Liechtenstein and why I think it’s worth it, including all the top things to do, walking tours, best places to stay and more in this quaint and unique country.

In a rush? My Top Tour Recommendations for Liechtenstein:

Explore Vaduz in 1 hour with a Local
Llama hike through the wonderful Liechtenstein mountains
Explore the Instaworthy Spots of Vaduz with a Local

🏨 My Top Hotel Recommendations for Liechtenstein:

Schaan-Vaduz Youth Hostel
Hotel kommod
Park Hotel Sonnenhof

Is A Day Trip To Liechtenstein Worth It?

Yes, I can say from my experience that a day trip to Liechtenstein is most definitely worth it!

Walking across this delightful country in just one day is one of my most memorable and cherished travel adventures and I fully recommend it if you’re also thinking of visiting.

Because Liechtenstein is such a tiny country (it’s officially the sixth smallest in the world), it’s really easy to visit the most important sites and landmarks in a very short period of time.

I was very impressed with the beauty of Liechtenstein; it’s surrounded by mountain ranges and you can see gorgeous views of them no matter what part of the country you are in.

It’s an ideal destination for a day trip if you’re close by in one of the surrounding countries, it’s perfect if you like hiking in nature and discovering less touristic destinations.

Top Things To Do In Liechtenstein In One Day

So let’s take a look in more detail at what exactly you can do in Liechtenstein in just a day:

Visit Vaduz

Vaduz is the capital city of Liechtenstein and it’s most likely that you will pass through it on a day trip. But what exactly does Vaduz have to offer?

My first impression was that it seemed a fairly quiet, sleepy place with not a lot going on. But the more I explored the more I found it to be quite interesting with a lot of options.

There are several really nice restaurants and cafes in the city, as well as a shopping high street and fascinating museums, which we’ll look at shortly.

Vaduz Castle

The main tourist attraction in Vaduz (and the whole of Liechtenstein for that matter) is Vaduz Castle, which is located 120 metres uphill above the city centre and is reachable either by car or by hiking there.

👉 Travel Tip: I recommend hiking the uphill path from Vaduz to the castle (it’s well signposted) which is fairly easy to do and took me around 20-30 minutes. The castle itself an interesting piece of architecture, though you’re not allowed to enter.

Despite the disappointment of not being allowed to enter, there are some stunning views of the Liechtenstein countryside and the Alps mountain range in the distance, which makes it a worthwhile visit.

The historical Vaduz Castle, based up above the capital city.
The historical Vaduz Castle, based up above the capital city.

Go Hiking!

Liechtenstein is a hiker’s dream and is full of literally hundreds of different trails offering views of the country that are simply beautiful.

Some of these trails – such as the Liechtenstein Trail take several days to complete in total, but it is possible to take a short hike during a day trip to the country.

I went on a short hiking trail close by to Vaduz Castle having followed signs to the start of the trail. It was fairly easy and didn’t take too long to complete. The views of the Liechtenstein landscape was some of the most impressive that I’ve seen.

On a hiking trail with impressive mountain views ahead of me.
On a hiking trail with impressive mountain views ahead of me.

Visit a Museum

On my visit to Liechtenstein I was surprised to discover just how many museums there are, especially in the capital city Vaduz. Here are some of the best museums to visit on your day trip:

  • Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein – this is a top rated art museum that focuses on international and contemporary art.
  • Postmuseum Vaduz – a unique postal museum that exhibits postage stamps issued in Liechtenstein and more.
  • Liechtenstein National Museum – the perfect museum to learn more about the history, culture and nature of this fascinating little country and more.

See the Red House in Vaduz

This is another famous historical building in Vaduz which is worth checking out and is one of the most recognisable buildings in the whole country.

Similar to Vaduz Castle though, it’s not possible to go inside the house as it is actually a private house – but it’s definitely worth seeing to admire its gorgeous architecture.

It’s based in the town of Mitteldorf, a small town to the north of Vaduz, which is a magical little place that features a lot of historical buildings. A visit here is like stepping back in time to a Medieval era and is a fun place to explore.

How To Get To Liechtenstein

Getting to Liechtenstein is fairly easy, it all depends on where you’re travelling from. The small country is bordered next to Switzerland to the west and Austria to the east and south.

Getting to Liechtenstein from Austria

I travelled to Liechtenstein from Austria and found it to be relatively straightforward without any difficulties.

I caught a train from Salzburg to Feldkirch which takes a minimum of 3 hrs 46 minutes, but it is a glorious train ride that gives you absolutely sublime views of the Austrian country and mountainside.

You can also reach Liechtenstein from Innsbruck, which is the closest big Austrian city and a train ride from here to Vaduz only takes a couple of hours.

From Feldkirch you have to take a bus to the border of Liechtenstein which only takes around 10-15 minutes.

👉 Travel Tip: I recommend catching an early train to Feldkirch in order to not take up too much of your time exploring Liechtenstein.

I caught a train from Salzburg around 6am, which meant I reached Liechtenstein before 10am.

Glorious views of the Austrian landscape on my train ride from Salzburg to Feldkirch.
Glorious views of the Austrian landscape on my train ride from Salzburg to Feldkirch.

Getting to Liechtenstein from Switzerland

If you’re travelling from Switzerland to Liechtenstein then this is also fairly straightforward and your best option is by train as well.

I actually travelled in the reverse direction – from Liechtenstein to Zurich and the train ride was once again exceptional, it takes around 2 hours and travels past Lake Zurich.

The quickest and cheapest train from Zurich to Liechtenstein goes to Schaan, Bahnhof, which will cost you anywhere between £37 to £73.

It’s possible to catch a Flixbus from Zurich to Liechtenstein, this is the cheapest option (tickets are around £13-18) but it’s a much slower journey, taking roughly 3 hours 21 minutes.

And lastly you can also rent a car or catch a taxi from Zurich to Liechtenstein, but these two options are very expensive.

Schaan Bahnhof train station, with mountains visible in the background.
Schaan Bahnhof train station, with mountains visible in the background.

Getting to Liechtenstein from Munich

And finally, it’s possible to travel to Liechtenstein from Munich as well. This is however a much longer option if you travel by train or bus, taking between 4-5 hours and not really suitable for a day trip.

However, if you decide to rent a car from Munich then you can reach Liechtenstein within 2 and a half hours.

Best Walking Tours In Liechtenstein

If you only have one day to visit Liechtenstein, then I highly recommend taking a walking tour to get a better understanding of this country and it’s history.

This is one of my favourite ways to discover a new place as you can learn so much more about a city or country via a professional guide. Let’s take a look at 3 of the best tours you can go on in Liechtenstein:

Explore Vaduz in 1 hour with a Local

Rating: 5/5 (2 reviews) | ⌚ Duration: 1 hour | ✅ Book it here!

If you are running short on time on a day trip to Liechtenstein, then this quick 1 hour walking tour of Vaduz is the perfect option for you!

You’ll be given a guided tour of the capital city by a local, learn all about it’s history (you’ll walk to the castle and other top landmarks) and get top tips on the best restaurants and cafes to visit.

The tour is limited to just 6 people and it is an ideal way to explore Vaduz with an expert in as short amount of time as possible.

Check out Victoria’s top review of this Vaduz walking tour:
“Manuel was a knowledgeable, professional and friendly guide. As we were only visiting for one day the tour was the perfect way to get to know the place – past, present and future. Highly recommend!”

➡️ Book a ticket for this Vaduz 1 Hour Walking Tour Here

Llama hike through the wonderful Liechtenstein mountains

Rating: 5/5 (9 reviews) | ⌚ Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes | ✅ Book it here!

Yes, Liechtenstein have their very own Llamas and on this tour you get to go on a hike with them!

This is a really fun activity to do when visiting the country and is perfect for families and young kids or if you just fancy getting up close with these wonderful animals.

On this tour you’ll visit an alpaca farm amidst beautiful mountainside settings and get to learn all about Llamas and go on a peaceful walk on a forest nature trail with them.

This is a totally unique and unforgettable experience to do during your visit to Liechtenstein!

Check out William’s top review of this Llama hike experience:
“What a fabulously fun experience. We had a wonderful time walking in the woods and taking in the natural splendour that is Liechtenstein while getting to learn a lot about these really friendly animals.”

➡️ Book a ticket on this Llama Hike in the Liechtenstein Alps here

Explore the Instaworthy Spots of Vaduz with a Local

Rating: 5/5 (2 reviews) | ⌚ Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes | ✅ Book it here!

Vaduz has so many beautiful spots that is was made for instagram photos – and this tour will take you to all of them!

This is a small group instagram tour where you’ll get to take the perfect photos for your social media followers at the following top locations:

  • Vaduz Castle – the castle itself is very beautiful and the views of Liechtenstein from it’s location are stunning.
  • The Red House – one of the most aesthetically pleasing buildings in the whole country!
  • St. Florin Cathedral – another top landmark in Liechtenstein with gorgeous architecture to admire and to take plenty of photos.

This is the perfect walking tour of Vaduz if you value capturing top quality photos that you want to share with all of your friends on social media.

The tour is limited to just six people, so it’s very much a personal experience and is run by a local, so you can learn what life is really like in Liechtenstein.

Check out this review of Instagram Tour of Vaduz:
Aleksandra gave us a wonderful, thoughtful, and informative tour of Vaduz.

We were impressed with her knowledge from history to modern statistics about Liechtenstein, as well as directions and recommendations. She did a great job and we highly recommend her.

Book a ticket for the Instaworthy Spots of Vaduz Tour here

Best Places To Stay In Liechtenstein

Of course, you may wish to stay longer in Liechtenstein than just one day, so let’s take a look at a few accommodation options at different price ranges for you to consider:

Budget Recommendation: Schaan-Vaduz Youth Hostel

If you’re on a tight budget when visiting Liechtenstein then this youth hostel is the best option for you!

It’s very close to the Swiss border and surrounding by stunning scenery. Dorm rooms and private rooms are available at really low prices for Liechtenstein.

The nearest bus stop is just 300 metres away and the closest train station – Räfis-Burgerau‎ Train Station is only 3 kilometres away.

Check out Rhiann’s top review of Schaan-Vaduz Youth Hostel:
““The accommodation was great, breakfast was good, beds were comfortable and the location was good”

➡️ Book a room at Schaan-Vaduz Youth Hostel here

Mid-Range Recommendation: Hotel kommod

Based in Ruggel – the northernmost area of Liechtenstein and right next to the A13 motorway, Hotel Kommod offers very modern rooms in a peaceful setting.

This self check-in hotel has top facilities such as 2 restaurants, a fitness centre, a bar and free parking, plus there are shops and restaurants nearby too.

Feldkirch train station is just 9 kilometres away, while Buchs train station is 12 kilometres away.

Check out Vishmai’s top review of Hotel kommod:
“Very nice clean rooms, with nice views and with good shower. Breakfast was very good. Free secured parking.”

➡️ Book a room at Hotel kommod here

Luxury Recommendation: Park Hotel Sonnenhof

And if you’re looking for a more luxurious stay in Liechtenstein, then you’re best option is without a doubt Park Hotel Sonnenhof.

This is a top quality 4 star hotel located just outside of Vaduz and has the best panoramic views of the Alps, Rhine Valley, Vaduz Castle and more.

The hotel has top rated facilities including a gourmet restaurant, an indoor swimming pool and an airport shuttle service is available too.

Check out Rowena’s top review of Park Hotel Sonnenhof:
“Everything was just perfect. The staff were very friendly, smiling and welcoming. The views are stunning and the gardens and amenities superb. The highlight has to be the food, which is exceptional.”

➡️ Book a room at Park Hotel Sonnenhof here

Map of Liechtenstein

Check out this interactive map of Liechtenstein that features all of the places mentioned in this blog post:

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    Liechtenstein FAQs

    Still not sure about visiting Liechtenstein? Let’s answer some of the most commonly asked questions about this special country:

    Is Liechtenstein expensive to visit?

    Yes, Liechtenstein is considered one of the most expensive countries to visit in Europe, similar to it’s neighbouring countries of Austria and Switzerland.

    I personally didn’t find it to be an overpriced place to visit, but that’s probably because I only spent one day there and most of my time I was hiking. Another good reason to visit Liechtenstein for just a day trip!

    Can you walk across Liechtenstein in one day?

    Yes you can walk across Liechtenstein in just one day and I did exactly that during my day trip to the country a few years ago!

    With Liechtenstein being such a small place – it’s only 25 kilometres long, it’s fairly easy to hike across the whole country in just several hours.

    I started my day in Salzburg, Austria, caught a train near the Liechtenstein border and hiked to Vaduz. After visiting the capital I then walked across the Swiss border and caught a train to Zurich – all within one day!

    Being able to visit 3 countries in just one day is such an extraordinary feeling and a really cool travelling accomplishment – you should definitely try it!

    Glorious views of Salzburg, Austria - where I started my day trip to Liechtenstein.
    Glorious views of Salzburg, Austria – where I started my day trip to Liechtenstein.

    Is one day enough to visit Liechtenstein?

    Yes, I think one day is enough time to visit Liechtenstein. Whether you want to go on a short hike or check out the cultural highlights of Vaduz on a walking tour, it’s possible to see a lot of what the country has to offer in just one day.

    But if you really want to get to know the country better then a long weekend over a 2-3 day period is a good choice too.

    Conclusion: Is A Day Trip To Liechtenstein Worth It?

    So that concludes everything you need to know about whether or not it’s worth visiting Liechtenstein in just one day.

    Personally, I think it is such an interesting and beautiful quiet place to visit for a day trip, it is a European hidden gem destination with gorgeous scenery, perfect for nature lovers and not overly spoilt with tourists.

    I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through why Liechtenstein is worth exploring and are now preparing for your own day trip to this wonderful destination!

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