Lupo Lounge - one of the best hidden gem food spots in Wolverhampton.

Why You Must Visit These 10 Hidden Gem Food Spots In Wolverhampton

Looking for unique restaurant options in Wolverhampton?

As a long time Wolverhampton local (I was born and raised here and have spent most of my life in wolves), I’ve researched the 10 best hidden gem food spots in the city.

You may not think that Wolverhampton has a lot of choice of restaurants and cafes compared to big cities in the UK like Birmingham close by, but in fact there are a lot of diverse international cuisine options.

I love discovering new places to eat in the city and I really think there are a lot of surprising options. Whether you fancy an Italian or Indian meal, or something special and different like African or vegan cuisine, there’s something for everyone.

So here’s my curated list of the best unknown and unique restaurants to visit when in wolf town.

10 Best Hidden Gem Food Spots in Wolverhampton

These are easily (in my opinion) the best choices of restaurants when visiting Wolverhampton. Some of these places are newly opened and gaining great reviews by customers online.

Whereas others are more established in the city but still relatively unknown for first time visitors to the city. There’s a diverse selection here, from international cuisine to restaurants that focus on vegetarian and vegan food.

So here are the best 10 hidden gem food spots in Wolverhampton, in no particular order:

1. Made in Thai

Getting There: Google Maps Link To Made In Thai

If you fancy a Thai meal on your visit to Wolverhampton then there is only one option: Made In Thai.

It is personally my favourite restaurant in the whole city and a regular go to when catching up with friends.

Based on Darlington Street just a couple of minutes walk outside of the city centre, Made In Thai has been a culinary staple of Wolverhampton since it opened around 20 years ago.

The restaurant features beautiful Thai décor on its walls, exotic plants and a Buddha statue and waterfall await you as you enter.

The interior here really is something special and sets a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere and the staff are very friendly too and always make me feel very welcome.

The food is absolutely amazing, with the menu featuring a wide array of Thai food; their set menus are really fantastic. Overall, everything is very good value for money and affordable. Their red curry is my personal favourite!

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    2. Medicine Bakery

    Based in the historic Chubb Building close to the train station in Wolverhampton is an artisan bakery serving up all kinds of fantastic breads, cakes and pastries.

    Medicine Bakery is newly based in in the iconic courtyard area of the Chubb Building which was a former locksmith factory in the early 19th century.

    It’s one of the best locations in Wolverhampton to enjoy a coffee and try out Medicine Bakery’s superb brunch and lunch menu, and it’s dog friendly too!

    3. Lupo Lounge

    Getting There: Google Maps Link To Lupo Lounge

    Wolverhampton isn’t exactly known for trendy places to visit, but Lupo Lounge is the exception to this rule!

    Based in Dudley Street, which is the city’s main shopping street, Lupo Lounge is a fairly new dining place and cocktail bar that opened in April 2021.

    The interior décor of this place is what makes it so special, it features really eclectic classical paintings, as well as colourful funky walls, multiple mirrors and countless lampshades, as well as really comfy sofas.

    I’ve been visiting Lupo Lounge regularly the past couple of years and I love the relaxed atmosphere there!

    The menu at Lupo Lounge is just as eclectic and very extensive, featuring all day breakfasts, British classics, tapas and they also have a vegan menu available too.

    Lupo Lounge is quite a large place with two floors and countless seating options. If you’re not familiar with Wolverhampton then you may miss out on one of the best hidden gems in the heart of the city.

    4. Cafe Rosa – Indian Street Food

    Getting There: Google Maps Link To Cafe Rosa

    Although technically a cafe and not a restaurant, don’t let the name fool you – Cafe Rosa is an absolute hidden gem of a food place in Wolverhampton.

    Based on Lichfield Street, just opposite the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre and next to the city’s only Wetherspoons, Cafe Rosa specialises in mostly vegan authentic Indian cuisine and is fantastic value for money.

    Situated in a really cosy, intimate setting, the food here is simply awesome! You can find everything from dosas, paranthas, thalis, as well as a good choice of curries, fries (masala fries being their speciality) and even pizzas and burgers.

    There is a wide variety of drinks to choose from, including traditional Indian Chai drinks, lassis, bubble teas, coffees, to really super healthy smoothies as well.

    If you want a cheap, authentic Indian street food experience when in Wolverhampton then you must visit Cafe Rosa – it’s an exceptional hidden gem!

    5. The Queens Cantonese Restaurant

    Getting There: Google Maps Link To The Queens Cantonese Restaurant

    Based on Queens Street next to Wolverhampton bus station is The Queens Cantonese, an excellent restaurant in the heart of the city. They serve traditional Cantonese dishes in a very relaxed atmosphere.

    As well as their traditional menu they also have a gluten free and vegan menu. And they also have a pre-theatre menu if you’re thinking of a meal before seeing a show at the Grand Theatre just around the corner.

    It’s always busy at The Queens Cantonese on a Friday or Saturday (and every other day to be honest), so I would recommend booking a table in advance to avoid disappointment.

    On my last visit there I had to sit in their upstairs dining area – they were that busy!

    This is in my opinion the best Cantonese/Chinese restaurant in the city, so check out their menu to see what they have on offer if you’re thinking of visiting.

    6. Rosso e Nero

    Getting There: Google Maps Link To Rosso e Nero

    Right next door to Made in Thai is another exceptional restaurant which is a favourite of mine and many other locals; Rosso e Nero.

    This is a family owned Italian restaurant, serving top quality pizzas, pasta dishes, meat and fish dishes and lots more.

    Their menu has plenty of choice, you almost feel spoilt for choice, it’s that good! It’s a very elegant restaurant which offers plush surroundings and top quality service.

    In my experience, it’s the best Italian restaurant in the whole city. Check out their great menu if you’re thinking of visiting.

    7. Dilshad Indian Restaurant

    Getting There: Google Maps Link To Dilshad Indian Restaurant

    Every good city in England needs a great curry house and for Wolverhampton, Dilshad restaurant is the one!

    Dilshad is one of the best I’ve been to in Wolverhampton and I’ve been a frequent customer there over the years.

    As you enter the restaurant there’s a photo board, featuring a wall of fame of world famous celebrities that have visited the restaurant over the years. 

    The surroundings inside the restaurant are lovely and the menu has every type of Indian curry you could wish for! From baltis to tandooris, biryanis and plenty more, Dilshad also offers a great vegetarian menu too at an affordable price.

    Have a look at their menu if you fancy a curry next time you visit Wolverhampton.

    8. Bunchi – Vegetarian Pizzeria Restaurant

    Getting There: Google Maps Link To Bunchi

    If you’re vegetarian/vegan and in the mood for pizza when visiting Wolverhampton then there’s one clear winner: Bunchi!

    Specialising in vegetarian and vegan pizza, this is a trendy, unique place that also offers awesome veggie options such as: vegan kebabs, burgers, fries, desserts and more.

    It is the best place in the city if you fancy some vegan junk food and is also 5 star rated, so check out their full menu if you like the sound of Bunchi!

    ➡️ Pro Tip: Bunchi is based outside of the city centre of Wolves, about an 8 minute drive. Your best option to get there is to catch either the 1, 25 or 61 bus from the bus station.

    9. The Bilash Indian Restaurant

    Getting There: Google Maps Link To The Bilash

    If you fancy a bit of fine dining when in Wolverhampton then you have to head to The Bilash – a Michelin rated restaurant that specialises in modern Indian and Bangladesh food.

    Based centrally, the Bilash is a family run restaurant that has lasted over 4 decades now, having first opened its doors back in 1982. This is probably the most high end restaurant that Wolverhampton has to offer, and it doesn’t disappoint.

    It has been awarded with countless accolades over the years and is seen as one of the best fine dining restaurants in the entire West Midlands area.

    They have different set menus, including a seafood menu and a 4 course menu. Have a look at what they have to offer if this sounds up your street.

    ➡️ Pro Tip: The Bilash also offers cooking classes in a one to one experience with an experienced master chef, which is a fantastic way to improve your culinary skills and sample your creations!

    10. Sweet Elohim Afro Bistro

    Getting There: Google Maps Link To Sweet Elohim Afro Bistro

    And last but definitely not least on this list of hidden gem food spots in Wolverhampton is Sweet Elohim, a newly opened Afro Bistro situated on the corner of Lichfield Street, just a couple of minutes walk from the city’s train station.

    If you fancy some unique, different food when in Wolverhampton then this is a really good choice.

    Specialising in African food, including fufu, stews, soups and more from Nigeria and beyond, this is a really cool culinary experience that you don’t get the chance to try very often in UK cities.

    Check out their menu to see everything they have to offer.

    What Are The Best Cafes In Wolverhampton? ☕

    As well as really unique and different restaurants, you are also really spoilt for choice for coffee shops in Wolverhampton as well. Of course, you have your Starbucks and Costa Coffee shops like any other city in the UK.

    But there are a number of new, independent cafes that have popped up in the city over the last few years. Here’s just a few of the best cafes in Wolverhampton, in no particular order:

    📍 Ava’s Cafe and Bar

    Getting There: Google Maps Link To Ava’s Cafe and Bar

    Situated on the 1st floor of the Fraser’s store in the Mander Centre (Wolverhampton’s indoor shopping centre) is Ava’s Cafe and Bar, one of the best kept secrets when it comes to cafes/bars in the entire city.

    This cafe has some of the most beautifully stunning décor you’ll find not just in Wolverhampton but anywhere else for that matter. It’s relatively small but a very pretty place to chill with a coffee or a cocktail even.

    It’s quite a new cafe that not even locals are yet familiar with. They have a really nice food menu and overall a visit here is a very pleasant experience and the perfect place to relax while on a shopping spree in the city.

    📍 Ana’s Coffee Shop

    Getting There: Google Maps Link To Ana’s Coffee Shop

    Not to be confused with Ava’s cafe is Ana’s coffee shop, another new, independent coffee shop situated in the city centre.

    This is a lovely, cosy cafe with comfy sofas and a vibrant modern interior. They serve up a really top quality array of coffees and desserts and has been rated as one of the best coffee shops in the city.

    📍 Top Nosh Cafe

    Getting There: Google Maps Link To Top Nosh Cafe

    And if you’re in the mood to visit a classic British style cafe when in Wolverhampton, then you simply have to visit Top Nosh Cafe in the heart of the city.

    Here you can find awesome English breakfasts served all day, with 5, 8 and 13 items options if you’re really feeling peckish! With friendly staff and very good prices, top nosh cafe is a top choice when visiting the city.

    What Are The Best Pubs In Wolverhampton? 🍻

    As well as restaurants and cafes, Wolverhampton has some absolutely great pubs, especially traditional pubs which are well worth visiting. Here are 3 of my favourite traditional pubs that I personally recommend:

    📍 The Posada

    Getting There: Google Maps Link To The Posada

    Based opposite Wolverhampton Art Gallery and opened in 1886, the Posada pub is a cosy, lively pub and one of the best that the city has to offer.

    They have a great range of cask and craft ales and also has a nice little beer garden which is perfect to chill out in on a nice summer’s day!

    📍 The Giffard Arms

    Getting There: Google Maps Link To The Giffard Arms

    Ask a lot of Wolverhampton locals and they’ll tell you that the Giffard is the best pub in the whole city. They have two floors with DJ’s playing classic rock and goth tunes every Friday and Saturday night and it has a great lively atmosphere.

    This quirky, gothic themed pub features tables in the shape of coffins and an old wooden armchair that looks like it came from a Games of Throne set! The pub is supposedly haunted as well, so keep an eye out!

    📍 The Lych Gate Tavern

    Getting There: Google Maps Link To The Lych Gate Tavern

    This is another classic traditional pub in the heart of the city that dates way back to the 1700’s, with some of its interior framing dating back even earlier to the 1500’s!

    The pub has a really warm, welcoming atmosphere and has a great list of strong ales and stouts.

    You have to walk down several steps when you enter the pub which makes it quite unique, giving the feeling that you’re having a drink underneath the city!

    It also has a nice cosy upstairs room too which is quiet and peaceful and a very nice courtyard area where you can sit and drink outside on a nice summer evening. Overall it’s a lovely place!

    Wolverhampton FAQs

    Still not convinced about visiting Wolverhampton? Let’s answer some of the most commonly asked questions about this Midlands city:

    Is Wolverhampton nice to visit?

    Yes, Wolverhampton is a nice place to visit! The city does unfortunately have a poor reputation as being an economically struggling place with not much to do, but it has a surprising amount to offer.

    It’s true that the city is not a top tourist destination in anyone’s mind, and the likes of Birmingham and Shrewsbury are a lot more popular with travellers visiting the Midlands area for the first time.

    But give Wolverhampton a try and you might just be pleasantly surprised!

    Is Wolverhampton a safe city?

    Yes, Wolverhampton is a relatively safe city and is considered even safer than it’s big neighbouring city of Birmingham.

    Some people have the opinion that Wolverhampton is: ‘rough’, which means it isn’t safe to visit, but I think that’s a little bit unfair. Yes, there is a homelessness issue in the city, but that is true with most places in the UK unfortunately.

    And the city does have the appearance of being somewhat rundown, with a number of closed shops, there is no denying it has experienced an economic downturn over recent years.

    Overall though, Wolverhampton is safe to visit, with the locals being very friendly and happy to help. I would advise being cautious when travelling here as you would anywhere else.

    What is there to do in Wolverhampton?

    There are lots of fun activities to do whether you’re a solo traveller or visiting as a family with young children. Here are just a few of the top activities to do in and around Wolverhampton:

    Conclusion: Hidden Gem Food Spots in Wolverhampton

    So those are the 10 best hidden gem food spots in Wolverhampton! It really is an underrated place with a lot of undiscovered restaurants, cafes, cocktail bars and the like that are just waiting for you to experience.

    Wolverhampton often gets overlooked for Birmingham, which of course is a big modern city with an incredible array of food spots and high end classy bars to visit.

    But if you’re looking for a more authentic food experience, then definitely choose Wolverhampton!

    I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through this list of hidden gem food spots in Wolverhampton, now you know where to go for some great food next time you’re visiting!

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