The famous Camden Lock sign next to the market, but is it safe to visit?

Is Camden Market Safe? Find out about London’s Famous Food Place

Wondering about the safety of Camden Market? Read on!

Camden Market is a wonderful, bustling place in the Borough of Camden, London, but is it safe? It has awesome outdoor food stalls, vintage clothes shops and so much more.

I’ve visited Camden Market more times than I can remember over the years, so with my experience I am perfectly qualified to inform you on if it is actually dangerous or not.

In this blog post I’ll cover everything worth knowing about Camden market, if it really is safe, what to expect, when to visit and top activities that you can do in and around Camden.

Is Camden Market Safe?

Let’s get to the heart of the matter: is Camden market safe to visit? Generally, the answer is yes. The market area itself is monitored by security staff, it has a one way walking system around the food stalls and CCTV cameras are in operation.

So that covers the market itself; it is definitely a safe place to visit. But as for the Camden area overall, that’s a bit of a different story.

Is Camden Town safe?

Camden Town has something of a different vibe compared to a lot of other areas in London. It’s an edgy place that attracts alternative crowds of youths; it’s quite common to see youngsters in punk and goth outfits walking the streets.

Camden does have one of the highest crime rates compared to other London Boroughs, although in recent years there has been a decrease in the percentage of crimes.

A few friendly punks at Camden Town.
A few friendly punks at Camden Town.

The area has been known to have a drug problem and on weekends there is an increased police presence. Petty crime like theft and pickpocketing does unfortunately occur.

I really don’t wish to sound like you should be scared of visiting Camden. I’ve never experienced any issues and would highly recommend giving the place a visit if in London; it’s a very vibrant area with a cool atmosphere.

Like anywhere else in London, it’s best to remain vigilant and be aware of your possessions at all times. Camden Town, because of Camden Market is a big tourist place, which can attract the wrong sorts of people.

Is Camden Market safe for kids?

Yes, absolutely! As well as the food stalls and clothing shops, there are lots of fun activities for youngsters to keep them busy. Here are three top places near Camden which are ideal for youngsters:

Tomb Raider: The Live Experience – situated at Camden Stables, this is an interactive escape room experience which is suitable for children under 12.

Babylon Park – this London’s only indoor amusement park and features several rides from rollercoasters to bumper cars and a huge range of arcade games and even VR experiences.

London Zoo – based very close by Camden Town, just a short walk away is the most famous zoo in London. The zoo dates back to 1828, making it the oldest zoo in the world and is a fantastic experience for young and old.

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    Is Camden Market safe at night?

    Yes, it is! Camden market is just as safe at night as it is during the daytime. And Camden Town at night is a really hip, lively place to visit with loads of bars, restaurants and clubs.

    The market has plenty of security around during the evening hours just the same as it does during the daytime as well, so there’s no reason to feel uncertain about visiting after dark.

    Make sure to stick to well lit areas and don’t head to the outskirts of the centre of Camden and you’ll be absolutely fine.

    Which areas to avoid in Camden?

    There are some areas in Camden which are potentially more dangerous than others. For example, the area directly outside Camden Town underground station has a bad reputation for crime incidents and drug users in the past.

    As a result, there’s a higher police presence here than there has been in the past, and it’s impossible to avoid the area if you’re visiting Camden Town via the underground.

    Regents Park has also been known for having high crime incidents so again, be vigilant and on your guard if visiting.

    Is Camden Market Worth Visiting?

    Absolutely! If you’re a foodie or love fashion then you really should visit Camden market when in London.

    It’s a trendy place full of interesting, colourful boutique shops and the whole area has a cool alternative feeling to it compared to the rest of London.

    One downside is that it does get very crowded, especially during weekends, which can make it less enjoyable if you don’t like the hustle and bustle of lots of people.

    The unique shops on Camden high street.
    The unique shops on Camden high street.

    The outdoor food stalls at Camden Market are for me the main highlight; there are so many great, yummy options and it is simply a foodie’s heaven.

    The independent shops on Camden high street leading to the market are just as uniquely different and interesting as well, selling all sorts of quirky clothes items that you won’t find in other parts of the city.

    These shop fronts are really colourful with unique designs, whether they are clothes shops, shoe shops or tattoo parlours.

    Is Camden Market Expensive?

    When compared to the rest of London, no, Camden market isn’t really all that expensive! Most of the food stalls charge around £10 for one of their items, which is what you come to expect from London.

    If you want to try several items from different food stalls then it will be more expensive, so budget accordingly. But I would say it’s reasonably priced considering you’re in a really expensive city.

    A lot of people think London is overrated and that places like Camden market are overrated in terms of quality compared to cost. Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course but I think it’s a fantastic place!

    In general, London can be a pricey place compared to other popular cities in the UK, such as Edinburgh or Brighton.

    Camden Lock in the sunshine.
    Camden Lock in the sunshine.

    Top Things To Do In Camden

    There’s so many other things you can do in Camden as well as visiting the market. Here are a few other top things to do when visiting the Camden area:

    Go on a canal boat trip

    From Camden Locks right next to Camden market, you can go on a canal boat ride, passing the likes of London Zoo and Regent’s Park.

    The boat ride lasts an hour and a half and you can listen to commentary too. A great, unique way to see London!

    Visit Babylon Park: London’s only indoor Amusement Park

    As mentioned, in Camden you can find Babylon Park, London’s only indoor amusement park! Here you’ll find countless arcade games, indoor roller coaster rides, bumper cars, VR experiences and more!

    This is ideal for kids and is just a 6 minute walk away from Camden Town.

    Taste a few beers at Camden Town Brewery

    Yes, Camden Town has it’s very own brewery! You can visit the brewery and go on a tour that lasts an hour and a half, which includes 5 tasters of different kinds of beers, from pale ales to bitters and lagers.

    Visit London Zoo

    London Zoo is a top tourist attraction in the capital and it’s just a short walk from Camden, taking around 20 minutes to reach.

    The famous zoo makes for a fantastic day out for a family; there’s a lot of exhibits here featuring every type of exotic animal you can imagine, from tigers, lions, gorillas and more!

    You can easily spend 2-3 hours at the zoo wandering around all the exhibits, and it features food stalls and trucks if you feel a bit peckish while there.

    👉 Pro Tip: to avoid visiting the zoo during peak times when there can be a lot of tourists, I would advise planning your visit during a weekday, preferably in a morning when there will be less crowds.

    Other Best London Markets

    Is Camden Market the best market in all of London? It’s one of the best for sure, but there are several others worth visiting too. So let’s take a look at 3 of the best and how they differ from Camden market:

    📍 Old Spitalfields Market

    Located in trendy Shoreditch in East London, Old Spitalfields market is an absolutely massive indoor food and clothing market, bigger than Camden market easily.

    I visited this market quite recently and was so impressed with how many amazing food options there are available. It does get very crowded however (especially on weekends), so I would advise visiting during a weekday.

    There has been a food market on this site for over 350 years and is often referred to as one of the best London food markets.

    The absolutely huge Old Spitalfields market.
    The absolutely huge Old Spitalfields market.

    📍 Borough Market

    The food options are of a higher quality here as well, with many food stalls using fresh produce. It’s London’s oldest food market and one of it’s largest ones too, highly recommend!

    This is another very popular market located just a couple of minutes walk from London Bridge and Shakespeare’s Globe.

    👉 Pro Tip: I also visited Borough Market recently on a weekend and it was absolutely packed with tourists! So again I would advise visiting on a weekday and not during peak hours to enjoy a quieter experience.

    📍 Greenwich Market

    Greenwich is a bit of a distance on the London DRL to reach and is certainly not central, but it’s definitely worth a visit.

    Greenwich has a great, authentic indoor market which feels different from the more central markets in terms of uniqueness.

    It’s not so much a food market (though there are some food stalls there), but it is more focused on antiques, arts and crafts and everything else in between.

    Camden Market FAQs

    Still not sure if Camden Market is worth visiting? Let’s answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the area:

    When is Camden Market open?

    Camden market is open seven days a week from 10am until late, with the food stalls open from 11:30am until 9pm. The retail stores close a little earlier, around 6pm.

    This includes bank holidays as well, which are usually really busy days for the market. The only day the market is closed is Christmas Day.

    What are the food options at Camden Market?

    There are countless food options at Camden Market! Each food stall is different from the next, and the whole area has every type of international cuisine that you can image.

    From amazing looking meaty burgers, dim sum, curries, noodles, pizzas and many other types of world cuisine, including a lot of vegan stalls as well, there’s everything you could possibly want to try here.

    The busy food stalls at Camden market on a sunny day.
    The busy food stalls at Camden market on a sunny day.

    How to get to Camden Market?

    Using the London Underground tube system is your best option for visiting Camden Market. The nearest underground station is Camden Town, which is on the Northern Line (coloured black on the Underground maps.

    Camden Town is only a couple of stops on the tube from Euston, and from Camden Town the market is just a short five minute walk away – just turn right when you exit the tube station and head down the high street.

    There’s a few other tube stations close by as well, including Chalk Farm, Kentish Town West and Camden Road.

    You can also get to the market by bus as well; catch the 214 bus from King’s Cross, the 24 bus from Victoria, the 274 bus from the West End and the 393 bus from East London.

    When is the best time to visit Camden Market?

    One down side about Camden Market is that it experiences a lot of tourists and can often get overcrowded at times, especially at the food stalls.

    This means having to wait to order your food at a popular food stall and squeeze your way through the crowds, often struggling to find a spare table to eat your delicious food.

    If you want to avoid the crowds, then I highly suggest avoiding visiting on weekends, as well as Fridays and Bank Holidays.

    Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays are all good options, especially during the late morning hours when the food stalls are just opening up.

    Conclusion: Is Camden Market Safe?

    So in conclusion, yes, Camden market is definitely safe to visit! Camden has a bad reputation for being a bit on the rough side, but it’s really not that bad and you don’t need to be afraid of visiting.

    Camden market is a great highlight when visiting London, with countless delicious food options and cool trendy clothes shops to explore.

    Now you know that Camden market is safe, what are you waiting for, explore the food stalls and everything else it has to offer at your heart’s content!

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