Views of London from Greenwich Park, one of the best reasons why England is worth visiting.

Is England Worth Visiting? 21 Reasons To Visit – By A Local

Looking for reasons why you should visit England? Read on!

A lot of tourists only ever visit London when visiting England, which is a crying shame as the rest of the country has so much to offer and is definitely worth visiting!

England may not immediately appeal to you as a top destination to visit, but trust me, there are so many interesting places and things to do here, whether you want to visit ancient historical sites, thriving cities or quaint countryside villages.

As a native English guy who’s lived the majority of my life in England, I’ve listed all the top reasons why you should visit the country in 2024.

In this post I’ll go over all the many varied activities and places that are a must when visiting England and why it will blow away your expectations!

Is England Worth Visiting?

The answer is a resounding YES from me! It may have a bad reputation when it comes to the weather and not so remarkable food, but the country has so much to offer and so many diverse places that I would recommend highly.

England has several outstanding seaside towns, amazing historical wonders like Stonehenge, beautiful countryside areas and villages as well as stunning national parks like the Lake District.

And there are plenty of diverse cities that are awesome alternatives to London. In the north you have the likes of Manchester and Liverpool and the Midlands is home to the second city and one of my favourite places; Birmingham.

England is a culturally rich and diverse country that I promise will reward and surprise you if you decide to venture out of it’s capital.

21 Reasons Why England Is Worth Visiting

So without further ado, let’s discover what are the top 21 reasons why England is worth visiting, in no particular order:

1. London

Often referred to as: ‘the international capital of the world‘, London is without a doubt the number one reason why most tourists visit England and is the country’s number one tourist attraction by far.

There is no denying how great a city it really is. From countless free museums to trendy neighbourhoods and royal palaces, you are spoilt for choice with endless options when visiting.

It can be quite tough to figure out your itinerary when visiting England’s capital (especially if you’re limited to just a few days) as the city has so many top tourist attractions and things to do.

If you’re planning a short stay in London, then I would definitely recommend seeing the major tourist hotspots: the London Eye, the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace.

If you have a little more time then you should try and visit at least one of the city’s beautiful parks (I recommend Hyde Park) and try venturing into one of the city’s trendy areas such as Soho or Shoreditch.

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    2. Beautiful English Countryside

    When a lot of foreigners imagine what England is like (outside of London), they inevitably envisage beautiful green countryside with endless rolling hills and forests.

    While it’s true that England does have lovely landscapes and countryside, it can be hard to know where exactly is the best place to experience all of this glory.

    I would suggest a trip to the famous Yorkshire Dales in the north of England, or head south to quaint areas like Dorset, Devon or Cornwall to see the true beauty of this island country.

    3. Ancient Historical Sites

    England is also littered with numerous fascinating historical sites which you should definitely go out of your way to visit when in the country.

    The most famous site is of course Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument near Salisbury in Cheshire that just has to be seen to be believed.

    Here are my top 3 historical sites (excluding Stonehenge) that you may wish to consider when in England:

    📍 Hadrian’s Wall – this is the UK’s most impressive Roman site stretching over 70 miles and close to vibrant northern cities such as Newcastle and Carlisle.

    📍 Roman Baths (in Bath) – on the subject of the Romans, you should definitely visit the Roman baths in the beautiful city of Bath, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK.

    📍 Shakespeare’s Globe – In the heart of London is the Globe Theatre, the famous playhouse where William Shakespeare wrote his plays. You can buy really cheap tickets to see live theatre shows, which is perfect if you’re visiting London on a budget.

    4. Oxford and Cambridge

    England is famous for having two of the most prestigious University cities in the world, which are of course Oxford and Cambridge.

    These are two of the most beautiful cities in the whole country and they are not too far apart either; just over 100 kilometres and it’s possible to visit both cities in one day.

    I would recommend Oxford if you have to choose between the two, but both cities feature stunning historical architecture and beautiful areas to explore.

    Oxford is an outstandingly beautiful city and one of the best outside of the capital. I remember been floored by the sheer magnificence of all the historical architecture there upon my first visit.

    It’s possible to take a day trip to Oxford from London, with trains taking roughly just over an hour to reach for a relatively cheap price.

    5. Fantastic Culture

    In my opinion, England is one of the most culturally rich countries you can ever be fortunate enough to visit. There is simply so much going on all around the country all throughout the year.

    Whether your interests are festivals, museums, sports or activities for families, you can find so many events taking place in all of the major cities whenever you visit. Considering it’s such a small country as well, that’s pretty impressive!

    6. Picturesque Villages

    If you’re not a city person and prefer the quiet life when travelling, then you should most definitely visit some of England’s peaceful, picturesque villages to experience a different side of England.

    My recommendation would be to visit the Cotswolds region, which is located in between the Midlands and the south of England. I’ve visited this region many times and love just how beautiful and tranquil life is there.

    The Cotswolds is a district made up of several tiny villages, rolling hills, cosy pubs and is considered the most picturesque part of the UK, never mind England.

    There are several different villages in the Cotswolds worth visiting, such as Cirencester, Stow-on-the-Wold and Bourton-on-the-Water to name just a few.

    7. Stunning National Parks

    England has some absolutely stunning national parks which is ideal if you’re a nature lover and fancy a hike or two when visiting the country.

    There’s a total of 10 national parks in England, with the most popular (and my favourite) being the Lake District in the north of England. I strongly recommend the Lake District if you fancy visiting a national park in England.

    It is home to some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen anywhere in the world (which is saying a lot!), with numerous lakes, hills, hiking/cycling paths and a lot more.

    8. Plenty of Castles 🏰

    England is absolutely filled with castles everywhere you go, and a visit to one of the more popular castles is well worth considering if you’re a history buff.

    Knowing which castles to visit isn’t an easy choice, so here are my top 3 castles to visit when in England:

    📍 Windsor Castle – Easily the most famous castle in England, this is also the largest and oldest castle in the world! It is the residence for the royal family, but you can buy tickets to visit the grounds on an official tour.

    📍 Warwick Castle – Based in the Midlands, this amazing medieval castle was built by none other than William the Conqueror and there are plenty of events and activities to do here.

    📍 Bodiam Castle – Considered one of the best castles to visit in the whole of the UK, located in East Sussex.

    9. Music Festivals 🎵

    If you didn’t already know, England during the summer months is home to some of the best musical festivals in the world, featuring the most popular and diverse musical acts you’ll find anywhere.

    From the iconic Glastonbury festival in Somerset, to the Isle of Wight Festival and Reading and Leeds, you are absolutely spoilt for choice if you’re a music lover and wanting to experience some live music in England.

    👉 Travel Tip: tickets to the more popular music festivals in England sell out online up to over a year in advance, so make sure you book your ticket a long time before your visit to avoid disappointment!

    10. Manchester and Liverpool

    There’s a lot more cities to visit in England than just London! Two of the most popular cities in the country are in the north, just a one hour drive from each other: Manchester and Liverpool.

    Both cities are steeped in musical history and are fantastic cities full of culture and things to do. In my opinion, they are a truer reflection of England compared to London, which is more of an international city.

    I’ve visited both places several times before and they make for a perfect day trip – I personally prefer Liverpool as I find it to be more beautiful, but Manchester has it’s pretty parts as well.

    👉 Travel Tip: If visiting Liverpool then make sure to check out the Albert Docks. This is the cultural centre of Liverpool and is packed with top rated restaurants, art exhibitions, museums and more.

    The famous Albert Docks of Liverpool - full of restaurants, art exhibitions and more.
    The famous Albert Docks of Liverpool – full of restaurants, art exhibitions and more.

    11. Museums

    If you’re a museum lover then England is the place for you! London alone has over 192 museums, some of which are totally free to enter.

    There’s a great diversity of types of museums as well, from art and historical museums to more unique museums, such as the Jack the Ripper Museum and the Clink Prison Museum, both of which are located in London.

    12. Traditional Pubs 🍻

    When you visit England you may be curious to visit one of the countless traditional pubs that you’ll find everywhere you go.

    For better or worse there is a big drinking culture in England, and one of the best places to experience this is at a traditional pub where you can choose from a wide range of beers and classic British pub food.

    There are many pubs based in historical buildings that date back hundreds of years, which are well worth checking out over a pint of beer (or two).

    The Posada pub in Wolverhampton, which dates back to 1886.
    The Posada pub in Wolverhampton, which dates back to 1886.

    13. English Premiere League Football Games ⚽

    The English are some of the most passionate sports fans in the world, and the number one sport in England is of course football (or soccer, if you’re American).

    Premiere League football is the major sports competition in the country, with big teams such as Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool all competing to win the league over the course of a football season.

    If you’re visiting England and want to learn what all the fuss is about with football, then I highly recommend experiencing a premiere league game to experience the amazing atmosphere and drama of this most English of sports.

    The Molineux stadium, home of Wolverhampton Wanderers football club.
    The Molineux stadium, home of Wolverhampton Wanderers football club.

    14. Trendy Neighbourhoods

    When visiting one of the major cities in England, you can also visit some of the trendy surrounding neighbourhoods that these cities have to offer, rather than just experiencing the touristic centres.

    London has many trendy areas worth exploring, such as Soho, Shoreditch and Brick Lane. While Birmingham has several interesting neighbourhoods like Digbeth, which is full of cool street artwork, cafes and hipster bars.

    15. Fish and Chips!

    Of course, no visit to England is complete without trying the nation’s most favourite dish: fish and chips!

    English cuisine has had quite an unfairly bad reputation worldwide over the years, though there are in fact plenty of top quality restaurants everywhere you go. But, there is nothing better than fish and chips in my humble opinion!

    With battered, deep fried fish (usually cod), well cooked chips (potato fries) as well as sides such as mushy peas, gravy and even curry, you definitely have to try this dish at least once!

    16. Great Nightlife

    The English love a good night out and wherever you decide to visit in England, you can be guaranteed to experience a memorable time.

    Whether you fancy a pub crawl, a top dining experience at a quality restaurant or you want to dance the night away in a nightclub, you are never short of options in any of the major cities.

    17. Harry Potter

    If you’re a die hard Harry Potter fan then you simply must visit England! It is the home of all things Harry Potter and in London especially you can visit some of the movie locations, such as Platform 3/4 at King’s Cross Station.

    And just outside of London is Harry Potter World, which is part of the Warner Bros studios which you can take a tour of.

    It’s full of numerous costumes, props and more from the Harry Potter movie series and is a must see experience for any fans.

    18. Visit Shakespeare’s Home

    One of England’s most famous historical names is of course William Shakespeare, and fans of the bard can visit his childhood home and birthplace when visiting England.

    These are based in Stratford-Upon-Avon, which is a beautiful town in the Midlands and worth a visit on it’s own merits. I’ve visited here before and was very impressed with this pretty and lively place.

    You can purchase tickets to see Shakespeare’s house in advance and learn all about his early family life.

    19. Coastal Towns and Cities

    Although England isn’t exactly renowned for having fantastic weather, it does have a lot of really awesome coastal towns and cities that I highly recommend you pay a visit to.

    Just one hour south from London is Brighton. This is probably England’s most popular coastal city (and one I highly recommend), it is full of great activities to do when there as well as countless pubs, restaurants and a fantastic beach.

    👉 Travel Tip: If you want to head to Brighton on a day trip from London, then catch a train from either London Victoria or London Bridge. Tickets costs anywhere between £15-£40 and it takes less than an hour to reach!

    Cornwall is one of the most beautiful places in the country, while Weymouth is renowned for having one of the best rated beaches in the whole of Europe.

    20. Brilliant Theatre Shows 🎭

    England is renowned for having a rich theatre history and it’s possible to see some fantastic theatre shows when visiting.

    The best place for theatre is obviously London, with the West End area near Piccadilly Circus offering some of the best plays and musicals anywhere in the world.

    21. The People!

    And last but most definitely not least, English people are renowned for having a great sense of humour and being very friendly, and it’s worth visiting England just to experience how the locals really are.

    Upon first impression you may think the English are too reserved, shy or not very open. However, the more you get to know them the more you’ll discover we are a warm, friendly, charming bunch!

    England FAQs

    Still not sure whether England is worth visiting or not? Let’s answer some of the most commonly asked questions about visiting the country:

    How many days in England is enough?

    This all depends on how much of England you really want to see. If you’re planning on just visiting London, then you can do this over a long weekend of 3-4 days.

    But if you plan on a proper tour of the country, seeing many of the sights I’ve mentioned in this list, then I’d definitely recommend staying for 1-2 weeks to fully appreciate everything that this great country has to offer.

    Is England a good place for tourists?

    Absolutely it is! As stated in this blog post, there are so many interesting places to visit and things to do in England.

    It’s as safe as any other western country and has something for everyone, whether that’s visiting historical sites, parks or spending time in one of the major cities like London or Birmingham.

    What to expect when visiting England?

    There’s no denying the fact that there are plenty of pros and cons about England and we should discuss the elephant in the room when talking about what to expect when visiting, and that is the weather!

    No one really chooses England as a holiday destination in the hope of experiencing fantastic weather. And while the weather in England is notoriously interchangeable whenever you’re visiting, it’s honestly not all that bad!

    It is a bit of a misconception that it just rains all the time in England and that it’s always cold. That’s definitely true in wintertime and some parts of spring and autumn, but summertime can be a surprisingly warm and humid affair.

    Conclusion: Is England Worth Visiting?

    So that is everything you need to know about whether England is worth visiting or not. In my opinion, you’ll be missing out if you only visit London and never venture outside of the capital.

    There are so many interesting, diverse and unexpectedly beautiful places in England outside of London, it really is a fascinating place full of quirks and warm people.

    I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through my list of reasons why England is worth visiting and are now wanting to plan your own visit here, I look forward to seeing you soon!

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