Lupo Lounge - one of the best vegetarian friendly restaurants in Wolverhampton.

The 10 Best Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants In Wolverhampton

Looking for vegetarian friendly restaurants in Wolverhampton?

As a Wolverhampton native (I’ve lived here for the majority of my life) and also a long time vegetarian (over 15 years!), I’m definitely the right person to research the 10 best vegetarian friendly restaurants in the city.

You may think that Wolverhampton might be short on options when it comes to vegetarian restaurants, but you would be surprised at just how much choice is on offer.

Here’s my curated list of the top places to eat at in Wolverhampton if you’re either a vegetarian or vegan.

10 Best Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants In Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton does indeed have a surprisingly wide variety of options when it comes to vegetarian friendly restaurants.

It’s a city where Indian food is the most popular, and there are several top quality Indian restaurants that focus on vegetarian food.

There are also great Thai and Chinese restaurants with a strong emphasis on vegetarian food as well as vegan junk food spots.

So in no particular order, let’s run through the 10 best options for vegetarians in Wolverhampton:

1. Cafe Rosa – Indian Street Food

How To Get There: Google Maps Link To Cafe Rosa

Don’t let the name fool you, Cafe Rosa is more of a restaurant than a cafe in my opinion and probably offers the best vegetarian food in the city centre.

With a focus on Indian street food, (everything from curries to dosas to thalis), the majority of the food options here are either vegetarian or vegan as indicated clearly above the entrance doors, and it’s a great selling point.

They also have a fantastically healthy drinks menu too and everything is very reasonably priced.

2. Lupo Lounge

How To Get There: Google Maps Link To Lupo Lounge

Lupo Lounge is in my opinion the trendiest, most hipster like place to get some good quality vegetarian food in Wolverhampton. Spread over 2 floors with a very cool interior décor, Lupo Lounge is part dining place, part cafe, part cocktail bar.

And what really makes Lupo Lounge exceptional is that it has it’s very own vegan menu which you can ask for when you enter from the friendly staff.

It’s an extremely extensive menu too, with all day vegan breakfasts to vegan curries, tapas cakes and more. You are totally spoiled for choice here as a vegan and the food is top quality too.

Lupo Lounge has fast become my favourite place to visit in the city centre of Wolverhampton, the staff are friendly, the interior is lovely and very inviting and of course the food is awesome – especially for vegans!

3. Veggie Lounge

How To Get There: Google Maps Link To Veggie Lounge

Veggie Lounge is one of the only restaurants in Wolverhampton that I know of that specialises exclusively only in vegetarian and vegan food and prides itself for having a 100% vegetarian menu.

With a big list of vegetarian and vegan pizzas, as well as a wide array of vegan burgers, wraps and even vegan chicken meals, this place is heaven if you love your vegan junk food.

➡️ Pro Tip: Veggie Lounge is based about a mile outside of Wolverhampton city centre, so your best way of getting there is to catch the number 1 bus from the bus station. It should take no longer than 15 minutes.

4. Mr. Singh’s Vegetarian Restaurant

How To Get There: Google Maps Link To Mr. Singh’s

This is another top quality restaurant where everything on the menu is pure vegetarian or vegan.

Mr Singh’s is famous for it’s vegetarian pizza and their menu is centred around several different delicious sounding veggie pizzas to choose from, as well as curries, veggie burgers and more.

The interior of the restaurant is really inviting and cosy and it is based on the second floor of the building.

5. Bunchi (Vegan Junk Food Restaurant)

How To Get There: Google Maps Link To Bunchi

If you’re vegetarian/vegan and in the mood for top quality vegan junk food when visiting Wolverhampton then there’s one clear winner: Bunchi!

Specialising in vegetarian and vegan pizza, this is a trendy, unique place that also offers awesome veggie options such as: vegan kebabs, burgers, fries, desserts and more.

It is the best place in the city if you fancy some vegan junk food and is also 5 star rated, so check out their full menu if you like the sound of Bunchi!

➡️ Pro Tip: Bunchi is based outside of the city centre of Wolves, about an 8 minute drive. Your best option to get there is to catch either the 1, 25 or 61 bus from the bus station.

6. Veggie Master Curry House

How To Get There: Google Maps Link To Veggie Master

Veggie Master Curry House is another popular fast food restaurant that specialises in vegetarian and vegan food.

Featuring unique sounding veggie options such as Punjabi and paneer pizzas as well as vegetable grills, wraps, burgers, kebabs and even pasta and noodle dishes, Veggie Master has a fantastic amount of choice for vegetarians and vegans.

Take a look at their extensive menu for yourself, and keep in mind that it is based slightly outside of the city centre, so catch either the number 82 or 529 bus from Wolverhampton bus station.

7. Made In Thai

How To Get There: Google Maps Link To Made In Thai

Made In Thai is Wolverhampton’s premiere Thai restaurant, having been established in the city for more than 20 years now.

It is personally my favourite restaurant in the whole city and a regular go to when catching up with friends. As a vegetarian I’ve always found their menu to cater very well for veggies or vegans with a lot to choose from.

Their menu features every type of Thai food, with lots of traditional curries such as massaman, paneng, red and green curries. I always go for their set vegetarian menu option, which comes with a fantastic vegetarian platter.

The restaurant has really beautiful décor that sets a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere and the staff are very friendly too. Overall, everything is very good value for money and affordable and I really can’t recommend Made In Thai enough!

8. Dilshad Indian Restaurant

How To Get There: Google Maps Link To Dilshad

Dilshad is arguably the most popular Indian restaurant in Wolverhampton, hidden away on Berry street which is a quiet side street in the city centre, close to the Grand Theatre.

Dilshad has been serving top quality authentic curries since 1972 and they have a really good selection of vegetarian curries too, from a mixed vegetable balti to a vegetable biryani as well as paneer dishes.

The surroundings inside the restaurant are lovely, everything is of a very affordable price and the staff are very friendly too. Have a look at their menu if you fancy a curry next time you visit Wolverhampton.

9. The Subcontinent Restaurant

How To Get There: Google Maps Link To The Subcontinent

Based close to the Mander Centre (Wolverhampton’s main indoor shopping centre) is The Subcontinent, a fairly new and popular contemporary Indian restaurant that specialises in dishes from different parts of India.

It has a great menu for vegetarians, featuring a large Veg Platter for a starter as well as every kind of vegetarian curry you could wish for.

10. Mount Gurkha Nepalese Bistro

How To Get There: Google Maps Link To Mount Gurkha

Last but most definitely not least on this list is Mount Gurkha Nepalese Bistro – Wolverhampton’s very own Nepalese restaurant!

Although the menu does focus mainly on meat dishes, there are plenty of vegetarian options too – such as vegetable momos, vegetable curries and paneer dishes too.

Mount Gurkha offers a great chance to try out the unique flavours of Nepalese food, which is not easy to find in a lot of other UK cities.

➡️ Pro Tip: Mount Gurkha Nepalese Bistro is based just outside the city centre of Wolverhampton, you can reach it by catching either the number 1, 8 or 27 bus from the bus station and should take around 10 minutes to reach.

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    What Is There To Do In Wolverhampton?

    It’s a fair assessment that many visitors to Wolverhampton don’t know much when it comes to activities and things to do in the city, but there are actually lots of reasons why it’s a good city to visit.

    There are actually lots of fun activities to do whether you’re a solo traveller or visiting as a family with young children. Here are the top three best things to do when visiting Wolverhampton in my experience:

    Watch a Premiere League game of football ⚽

    Wolverhampton’s local football team; Wolverhampton Wanderers (otherwise known simply as: ‘Wolves‘) is one of the most celebrated in the entire country, with a rich history of winning trophies in the past, particularly the 1950’s and 60’s.

    Nowadays, the team is riding high in the Premiere League, which is a big boost to the local economy whenever there is a game on with the likes of Manchester City, Liverpool or Chelsea, typically played on a weekend.

    It’s best to book a ticket online in advance as most games are near sell outs, and the stadium (called: ‘The Molineux’) also features a museum that documents the history of the club and past successes.

    See a concert at ‘The Halls’ music venue 🎵

    Wolverhampton also has a proud and celebrated history of producing fantastic world famous music, with the likes of Led Zeppelin originating from the region.

    And the city hosts world famous musicians, singers, performers and more on a regular basis at The Halls, which is a newly renovated music venue, probably the best in the West Midlands.

    So if you’re a big music fan then check out what concerts are coming up at the Halls next time you’re visiting Wolverhampton.

    Visit the historical Black Country Living Museum

    Based several miles outside of Wolverhampton in neighbouring Dudley, is one of the most fascinating living history museums you’ll ever visit: the Black Country Living Museum.

    This is an amazing open air museum with recreated historical buildings that brings to life what it was really like during the industrial revolution period in England.

    Here you can meet costumed characters from this era, from metalworkers, miners, nurses and teachers who will explain to you what life was like back in the Victorian era.

    There are over 80 shops to explore, as well as homes and industrial workshops. You can try some classic fish and chips and a few beers from this era too.

    The Black Country Living Museum was actually used to film several scenes for the hit TV series: ‘Peaky Blinders‘, so it’s worth visiting if you’re a fan.

    And if you’re wondering what the Black Country is, it refers to a region in the West Midlands that became famous because of black smog that was produced in the Victorian times from coalmines and metalworkers.

    Wolverhampton FAQs

    Still unconvinced about visiting Wolverhampton? Let’s answer some commonly asked questions visitors have about the city:

    Is Wolverhampton expensive?

    Not at all! Wolverhampton is relatively cheap, especially when you compare it to it’s big neighbour Birmingham which can be very expensive these days.

    A lot of the restaurants on this list offer really good value for money, and the same is true for the numerous pubs and cocktail bars that the city has as well.

    How to get to Wolverhampton?

    Wolverhampton is fairly easy to reach wherever you’re travelling from in the UK. If you’re travelling from abroad then the nearest commercial airport is Birmingham International Airport.

    From there you can catch a train to Birmingham New Street station, and there are regular trains, trams and buses from the second capital to Wolverhampton, with a train usually taking around 20 minutes to reach Wolverhampton.

    Driving to Wolverhampton is easy enough too, with plenty of motorways and main roads leading to the city.

    The city has good public transportation, with numerous buses going to the outskirts of the area, as well as a tram service and taxis too.

    Is Wolverhampton a poor city?

    Unfortunately yes, over the past 15 years or so there has been a sharp rise in deprivation in Wolverhampton and it has some of the highest deprivation levels for a city in England.

    This is quite noticeable as you walk around the city centre, with homeless people now a constant and a lot of shops have shut down as well.

    It’s such a shame to see as Wolverhampton folk are salt of the earth people, and it’s important to help the local economy if the city is ever going to improve.

    Nearby Birmingham serves as an inspiration, having undergone a remarkable transformation over recent years to become a modern, trendy, lively city with plenty of high end bars, restaurants and neighbourhoods to visit, such as Digbeth.

    Most people would quickly choose to visit Birmingham instead of Wolverhampton, but in my opinion Wolves is more authentic than Birmingham, which some people say has become a bit overrated.

    Conclusion: Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants In Wolverhampton

    So those are the best 10 vegetarian options in Wolverhampton. If you are a vegetarian or vegan and worrying about where to eat in the city then now you know that there is in fact a plethora of options.

    Whether you fancy Indian cuisine, Thai, Nepalese or some trendy vegan junk food, there are a lot of top quality restaurants you can visit and enjoy.

    Wolverhampton also offers plenty of cooking classes too, if you want to improve your culinary skills while visiting the city.

    I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through this list of the best vegetarian friendly restaurants in Wolverhampton and learning more about the city, you’ll definitely be in for a treat the next time you visit!

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